My greatest passion of all time: shooting cars. Cars were the reason why I started photography and finally set up my own business as commercial photographer.

Permanently learning and trying new things brought me to the point where I can offer a wide variety of different styles of photography. Still images at daytime or professional lightpainting at night, everything is possible to find the optimal style for every car.

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From large festivals, over to small events or celebrations, it is always important to capture the amazing times of people coming together. With focus on the perfect moment I will always keep an eye on getting the whole event with all it's emotions and atmosphere in frame to create the ideal memories.

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As an information designer I know exactly how important it is to show an interesting corporate identity. Together with the client, I will create exactly the photos a company needs to show their experience and passion for what they are doing.
Business images on a website, product photography and portraits of the people standing behind a project. It's the whole package that makes and difference and that's what will let you stand out from the others.

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